Bring us your old fur and we will redesign it into a new and modern one

Furs Redesign

Original fur

Do you own a valuable fur that you no longer wear?

A quality fur is by itself a beautiful material. The only thin that is changing is the fashion and our needs.

Your fur can be redesigned and changed again and again and can bring you joy for many many years. Don't let your coat hang in your wardrobe. Bring it to us!

Redesigned fur

Bring your old fur to us!

DARIN COLLECTION in cooperation with Italian fur company Bortolami can change an idea into reality. We will create an optimal redesign of your fur.

Based on your needs, you can change your old fur into anything - a completly new fur, modern warm vest, poncho... It's up to you.

Redesigning of your fur makes it several times more valuable

Fur Resign is a Complex Service

and cleaning
In our studio, we will take your measurements and design an original new model
We send the coat to master fur makers in Italy
You will receive
a beautiful new model
On the left, you can see the original fur. On the right, you can see the same fur after redesign.

Redesigned furs gallery

Pôvodný kožuch 1
Upravený kožuch 1
Pôvodný kožuch 2
Upravený kožuch 2

There are many ways how to redesign your fur
and get a completely new one. It's up to you.

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DARIN COLLECTION Fashion Studio, Tomášikova 10/H, 821 03  Bratislava, Slovakia
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