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About Us

A nice soft fur is something that we all dream of. It warms not only our body but also our soul. Treat yourself with a bit of elegance, uniqueness and luxury - you deserve it.

DARIN COLLECTION Fashion Studio is not a standard shop...

Because you would book an appointment, you get a 1-1 treatment and together we will find a model that you've been always dreaming about and that will fulfil all your needs.

Are You Dreaming About a New Fur?

Check-out our high-quality furs, cashmere coats, fur and leather accessories from traditional Italian brand Bortolami and Albertalli.

We swear by exclusive high quality natural materials, luxury fabrics and time-tested Italian design.

Each piece of their collection is full of uniqueness, elegance and details which only Italians can bring to light.

Bortolami Collection

Italian family company Bortolami Furs with more than 40 years tradition comes from Italian city Solenzino next to Padova. In collaboration with the best Italian fashion designers they make the furs of incredible quality. We work together with Bortolami family since 2013.

In 2014 I've started to build the Bortolami in Slovakia. They truly have beautiful fashion pieces. Literally a work of art.

Albertalli is a part of a long familly tradition of fur making. This family is in the fur business since 1909 and Mr. Albertalli is the president of Italian Fur Association in Italy. Slovak fur models from Trenčín were inspired by Alberali even before 1989.

The quality and design of Albertalli models is renowned around the world from Lisbon to Hong-Kong and thanks to DARIN COLLECTION you can experience it also in Slovakia.

We believe that you will find the right fur or coat in DARIN COLLECTION Fashion Studio

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DARIN COLLECTION Fashion Studio, Tomášikova 10/H, 821 03  Bratislava, Slovakia
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